dia 18 a

With all the exciment of coming back home it is hard to sleep, even though we are exhausted. We’ve been more than 80 hours in the caravan sharing songs, poems, dreams and life experiences. Somehow, we all know that all these adventures will always be remembered and probably shared with our grandchildren.. After spending the last hours on the road we finally reach home before midday. It is crazy to sleep on a bed after so many days and even more when your head can still feel the swaying movements of Peter and the sounds of the road. We are disorientated and still dizzy.

After a few hours of sleeping we head to Las Empas. A great restaurant in Gracia, just in front Philipp’s place. For us it is really special to finish the tour in the place where everything started just 10 months ago and surrounded by our people. For this reason we do a pre-drinking party in Philipp’s terrace with all of our friends and then go all together to play the final concert. It is amazing to feel the love and the power of your friends again. Among all the records that we carry from the tour, this family picture is the most appreciated. We want to thank you all for coming and making us feel so loved and special.

day 18 b



We wake up much better rested. After taking a shower and having some breakfast we head to the beach. Today we will chill in the paradise of Langre. Its a natural beach and it is simply amazing, we feel that everything makes sense here. The cold water is great for refreshing our fatigued bodies and feeling the hot sun on our skin makes us remember that it has been more than two weeks since we left our home… It is then that we decide that we will drive before the sun goes down and during the whole night to reach Barcelona the next morning.

But just before leaving, Munn takes this beatiful picture of the band staring into the horizon which perfectly defines the momment that we are right now: the tour is almost over, we are all overwhelmed from having met loads of fantanstic people that have sincerely appreciated our music and all those beatiful cities where we’ve played and laughed in, and we cannot wait for what is yet to come. Now that we are proud and confident in our present, we can look forward to the future.

day 17 b


day 16 a

We start driving early in the morning still feeling pretty proud of yesterday’s success. It is around midday when we cross the border. There are so many good things about being back in Spain and the first one is the cheap petrol. We fill up a full tank and head straight to Santander, where Munn awaits Ruben and the band. It is so special for him to have his love around and also for the band to have a true friend and supporter for the last two days of the trip. We pick her up in the centre and eat some tapas for lunch. Then we have a coffee with Tolo. He’s an old friend of Albert’s father and the best local to show us such a beautiful city full of different landscapes and history. Santander is ridicously stunning, a mix of the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains in a way we have never seen.

Still awed by the views, we finally arrive to Langre, a little town where tonight we will play for the guys of Boris’ surfcamp. They prepare us great BBQ food just at our arrival and then we meet talented Jonas, who takes some great pictures of the band at sunset. The night falls as the poems are sung. We share impressions with the crowd, sell the last t-shirts avaliable and pass out with the feeling that the end of the tour is near.

day 16 b



We wake up on the road. Only a few more hours in the van and we will catch the sun again. The sky is filled up with these amazing dreamworks clouds. We are getting to Saint Girons Plage through a sneaky road. It feels summer again. Once we are there, we leave Peter next to the trees between the tents, where he will rest until tomorrow morning. Without any more wait we head straight to the beach. The sea is brave and makes us feel alive again. There is no better way to reach the south of France, so we pass out for a bit on the sand down the sun.

It is afternoon already when we meet all the surf crew and start setting the stage. We check the sound while they eat and when the sun goes down we start playing. It is the best time of the day for playing our live music. Little by little more people shows up atracted by the sounds of our strings. They enjoy the concert and so do we. After it, we share some sweet talking and while they drink we eat. Musicians always go last, but we don’t care because we are happy to be part of the kind of people that don’t worry about time. The night is falling and the sky delights us with an amazing sea of stars. With this stunning paradise above us we find that is the perfect time to say goodnight.




Monday. Amsterdam. Coffeeshops. Red light district. We’ve never had such a tough start to the week. It is too much for us, so after a short walk in this rainy but beatiful city we decide to leave and start driving to the south of France. The trip will be long but we all know that we need to press on.

We drive until the sun goes down and beyond. We cross Paris. Albert can see the Eiffel tower from Peter even though it isnt lit up. There is no time for us to stop here. The city sleeps and so do we. Though we go on driving until we catch the sun. It is amazing the first raya of light from the steering weel.




Last morning in Münster. We pack all the stuff. Next stop is the amazing Amsterdam. But first we say goodbye to Erhard and Mechthild. We take this family picture as a must keep memory. It couldn’t have been any better.

We head to the Netherlands. The rain is strong and heavy. Peter struggles on the road and after a few hours he makes it. Tonight we play in Cafe de Ceuvel. From what we’ve seen in the pictures it looks like the perfect spot to sing cummings poems. A great mixture between old woodwn furniture and contemporary next to a channel. However, it is Sunday and it is raining still. There we meet Esme, and while we do the sound check they cook us some vegan food. We eat it. We like it. Just five minutes before our show a flash mob with a marching band is scheduled. Little by little the weather gets worse and worse and dutch people start to leave the Ceuvel. When we finish the show there are only a few people left. Too few for us to be satisfied unfortunately.

The night is over. Fortunately, a great friend from Philipp, Julian is there to take care of us and cheer us up. He offers us a warm coach and we chill at his place. We smoke and try to see the silver lining in tonight.

There has also been a big misunderstanding between Esme and her boss, and after some dicussing she decides not to pay us. It is the first concert we do without getting any money at all. We don’t do music for this reason but we need it to be able to pay the expenses of the band. We will remember tonight as the night of No money, No audience and No meat.



Saturday. Hangover, however we wake up still excited about yesterday’s success even the local German press in Münster writes a page covering the event in the newspaper. We have some breakfast, reply to some messages and prepare the show for tonight.

During the afternoon we go to the Preussen Münster stadium and watch a German third division game of Bundesliga. The match is intense but unfortunately Phil’s team doesn’t manage to score any goals. The final result is 0-0. We go for a walk next to the channel while Ruben plays some guitar in the streets.

It is evening already, we carry the instruments and amplifiers and drive Peter to Aposto. A huge and beautiful Italian restaurant in the city centre. We prepare everything as to play outside on the big terrace but it starts raining heavily… Again. We quickly change locations just before starting. In the end we play a really special gig unplugged, all of us walking and playing amongst the people in the restaurant. The best thing happens when we recognise some faces in the audience from the night before. The fact that they have come especially for listening to our music make us really believe in what we are doing. We would like to thank all of them and also also the staff from Aposto.




Morning. Münster. It is the first day of the tour that we don’t need to drive. Isn’t it great? We all feel it, today is going to be a fantastic day. We head to a beautiful park where we are supposed to play and meet with the other bands. It is a Songwriter festival called Treibgut organised by Frink, and we are special guests.

First, we do the sound check, as well as arrange the stage, have some beers in the backstage and chill in the park while the concerts start. The afternoon passes by quickly. It is almost evening, we are just about ready, it looks like rain… We are ready… and it rains.

We are supposed to play in an open stage in the gardens behind the castle of Münster, but five minutes before the show starts the rain becomes too heavy and we decide to move the people into the stage. It is completely spontaneous move but it actually works out pretty well. We feel really comfortable and at one with the audience, there seems to be an almost magical atmosphere. They seem to be really enjoying it and so do we. Stephan from 17nulleins is recording the concert, making the whole thing even more special.

Tonight it seems as if the songs and the poems have touched people hearts and we are ready to celebrate. It has been a really special night for us. We are excited. It is Friday and we dive into the Münster night life searching for what other surprises it has to offer. The show must go on.




Today we just chill in Hamburg and do some sightseeing. We discover some amazing spots and some hidden secrets in this contemporary city. We meet up with Christoph, Philip’s older brother. He brings us to an architectural university where we then have some lunch.

In the afternoon we walk around the city and we come back to Münster. There, Nadine cooks us one of the best dinners we’ve ever eaten made up of; crispy pork, mash potato, delicious vegetables, good wine and a few shots… We talk about the meaning of the poems from e.e.Cummings and share many more deep conversations. She is the hostess with the most-ess.




We wake up in Münster today. First thing to do is to have a strong hot coffee, with some bread and cheese which is very kindly prepared for us by Phil’s parents. Early in the morning we get our merchandising: buttons, t-shirts and stickers. While Philipp brings Peter to the doctor, the rest of us do some social media for the band.

Around midday we head to Hamburg in an old white Mercedes. There, Andy is waiting for us. He is a great host for the band as it is the first time for us in this affluent city. First stop, is an acoustic concert for the German company Fun-Reisen, that is celebrating an afterwork party with a barbecue in a sweet little garden. We play a private show for them while they record us on video. They really get into our folky spirit and groove. Later, they completely make us feel like rockstars when they buy and start wearing our cool new t-shirts. We are having an amazing time with them but the day hasn’t finished for us here, so we take the instruments, wave and say goodbye with a huge smile.

The sun is going down and we drive to the Music Live Club. We have a concert in a small but homey live club. The sound is spot on and the vibes from the loyal crowd are really encouraging. After the concert we chill for a while backstage, where Ferran finds a dusty double bass, perfect to play some Jazz. It is midnight and kind Ania offers us a warm bed to rest that we more than happily accept.


TOUR – DAY 7 & 8


What begins as a long journey actually turns into a nightmare odyssey. We are supposed to head from Castelló straight to Münster, which means approx. 1300km. We are driving Peter, our old tour van, which Philipp had bought a couple years ago through eBay in Germany. It used to be a paramedic van. Now it’s got a name and it’s become a travelling van that tours Europe carrying a Folk band, us. You’re getting cooler Peter.

It is night time when we realize that the lights in the van are not bright enough, which means that we have to stop and wait for road assistance. We drive through a private French highway but apparently our German insurance doesn’t cover French territory, so it can’t come and pick us up here. So in the end we buy a new battery and we battle on.

Now the sun is rising. Albert & Ruben take in the breathtaking landscape while Ferran and Philipp have a little snooze. Everything seems perfect on the road when suddenly we get a flat tire…unbelievable. We are still in France, so the insurance still can’t help us yet. We wait for the second round of road assistance, we change the tire and press on.

Two hours later we feel a strange feeling coming from another tire, the same story. A massive tow truck carries Peter to the closest mechanics and finally we are able to fix our last problem. We cross the border to Luxemburg, we fill Peter up with cheaper petrol, and finally cross the border to Germany. Once there, no more mechanical problems.

It is night time again. After more than 30 hours we finally arrive to Münster. This time, it is Philipp’s hometown and his parents receive us like kings. The table awaits with a delicious banquet and beds are ready for us to pass out in. And this time we really feel that we deserve it.




We wake up in Albert’s hometown. His parents are amazing hosts. While we have some strong coffee to shake away our recent dreams, we decide where to spend the day. Our strongest groupies ever (Diego & Alvaro) will come with us, as well as Nadine, who was the one who first started reading poems from Cummings, fifteen years ago. She is really into the whole Edward Estlin thing and a big support for Phil.

Finally we head to Cala Rustella, where we took the picture that you can see. Surrounded by the natural reserve of Cap de Creus. Enjoying the sun, nature and trees is perfect before having to leave tomorrow to middle europe. After beach time, Albert and Ferran play some traditional Catalan music next to a beautiful cathedral in this lovely town.

It is dinner time. Tonight we play in a stunning restaurant. The boss treats us above and beyond. Being part of a band and being given mussles, squid, jamón and really good quality meat is not very common. So we are blown away when Vador & Nitu treats us to an unexpected and excellent dinner and wine.

The night goes on with Fireworks and finishes with our concert.



We are hitting the road again. Our destination is a super charming and pictoresque beach club next to Tossa de Mar. But first, we have to pack our bags and check that we have prepared the very last things that we need to and make sure that we havent forgotten anything crucial, because after today we will be driving straight to the North.

When we get to the amazing landscape next to the Beach Club, we see a massive entity of grey surrounding us. We call it “The Cloud” and it is like a complete roof over us, kind of protecting us from the gods but at the same time letting enough rain fall so that we have to move the stage from the terrace to the inside of the restaurant. There, Carlota waits for us. She is super cute and makes us feel right at home. She also lends us the perfect mix table and when she tells us her father is a bass player we immediately understand… her pure passion for music.

We feel blessed when we play for any audience, but when there are people that truly appreciate music it is just amazing. We are really honoured to say that we will be able to come back on September, and encourage all of you who couldn’t come tonight to come, and not miss such a magical place.


TOUR – DAY 3 & 4


It has now been two free days before the BIG trip. Time to plan the last details and take a deep breath for what is yet to come. Also it is time for us to look back at the first two concerts, improve the weaknesses and maximize our potential.

Just for the ones that can’t come to any of these concerts, we would like to share with you the Setlist:


Buy Me An Ounce


This Is The Garden

Clad In Black

Jesus Etc.

Wild Wood

Black Orpheus

I Have Found

Anyone Lived In a Pretty How Town

All In Green My Love Went Riding

Thai-Eyed Girl

Let It Go

Little Innocence

ee logo


planeAlthough you can see one in the picture, we don’t have a jet… yet. But, we are sure in time that with more lovely concerts like yesterday, our music will soon take off. Everything is perfect right from the beginning: good sound check, amazing views, incredible friends, great weather and the nicest club manager ever.

If only this incredible trip was for living nights like this. We know that this is only the beginning and that the best is yet to come, but it was simply perfect. We would like to give many many thanks to the charming Nina for making it happen, and lots of love to all the people who showed up to make such an unforgettable night. Especially, to the beautiful couples that danced to our music: Emili & Ari and Alex & Anna.

See you soon amigos.